Trading since 1921…

Murray Bros is privately owned and operated, and commenced business as a Fruit and Vegetable Trading and Logistics Company in 1921.

Murray Bros currently has one of the largest supply bases of growers and packing sheds in Australia, covering every major growing district in every state of Australia.

We also import products to fill any supply gaps in the domestic growing seasons, in particular, New Zealand kiwi fruit and avocados, making us one of Australia’s leading importers of these products.

Our company has one of the largest product ranges available in the marketplace.

Murray Bros Pty Ltd - About
Murray Bros Pty Ltd - About

Superior Services

Alongside our marketing and trading business, Murray Bros also contracts with growers, packing sheds, brokers, retailers and other customers to assist with their logistics.

We can customise our services to meet individual customer needs and keep processes as cost-effective as possible.

Among other services, we can offer cold storage, quality control, ripening, pre-packing, order assembly, value adding and import/export clearance.

Murray Bros Pty Ltd - About

Impressive Facilities

To service the trading and rapidly expanding logistics business of Murray Bros, we have a significant investment in four trading floor bays, three warehouses (including a near 5,000sqm off-site premises) of cold and dry storage, ripening rooms, pre-packing facilities and import/export clearance facilities.

Read more about our facilities here.

Murray Bros Pty Ltd - About

Dedicated Team

Murray Bros incorporates a team of over 100 full-time, part-time and casual staff.

Many of our staff are shareholders in the company and therefore their commitment to Murray Bros is reflected in their high standard of customer service.

We are proud of our long standing staff members who have been with us up to 25 years!